Westpaq is a group of companies committed to strategically solving the needs of our clients with integrated resources/tools through global & local alliances and partnerships.

The Westpaq Companies & Affiliates include Westpaq LLC (USA), Westpaq Consulting (USA), Westpaq Ltd (UK), Bay Matrix, LLC (USA), Bay Matrix Group (USA), Bay Matrix SL (Equatorial Guinea), Westpaq Energy Resources (Nigeria) & Westpaq Engineering Ltd (Nigeria).

As part of our experience, our staff, consultants and partners are involved in Geosciences, Engineering Projects, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Oil Field Maintenance & Operations, Oil and Gas Exploration and Development, Project Management, Business Advisory and Consulting Services.

We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients and, often, to the industry by providing solutions aligned with clients’ preferences according to global standards with safety as priority.

Global Solutions & Strategic Alliance

Westpaq is an integrated Energy and Technology Services Company focused on identifying and solving the energy industry's dynamic challenges. Westpaq offers a wide range of energy sector expertise gained through operational and management experience.

We provide top-class global Project Management Services, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) solutions. Westpaq´s business strategy/objectives apply cross-business capability integration, an application of innovative partnerships with the support of our parent group and its network of global partners.