Westpaq LLC

Westpaq LLC consists of a core group of experienced energy consultants focusing on identifying and solving the dynamic challenges of the energy industry.

Our consultants represent extensive experience in the full energy value chain: upstream, midstream & marketing, downstream, power and renewable energy.

  • Westpaq differs from other consulting firms by always focusing on alignment of Commercial, Strategy, Operations, and Technology. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver value by bridging the gaps that exist between individual functions and viewpoints within an organization that typically operate in isolation.
  • Westpaq’s business model uses a carefully vetted network of consultants. Our experience allows us to work comfortably in a multi-functional role at your company.
  • Our consultants do not have individual sales goals and do not approach client work as a stepping stone to “land and expand.” They stay flexible and nimble, and consult with our clients to provide efficient and professional services.

Westpaq Subsidiaries :

Westpaq Consulting LLC

Westpaq Energy Resources

Our business model uses carefully vetted network of consultants and a core group of experienced energy consultants.

Great Innovation, Performance, Results.

Westpaq is an integrated global management consulting company with comprehensive capabilities in Oil and Gas/Energy Consultancy, Engineering, Process Optimization, Project and Program Management, Information and Communications Technology, Strategy Development & Implementation and Organizational Change Management.

We offer consulting services to a range of clients including banks, public and private companies, investors, and governments worldwide.