Our Principal Consultants are experts drawn from the resources of Westpaq’s other businesses, such as the oil and gas, process and facilities engineering, drilling and the ICT solutions units, working in multi-disciplinary teams alongside our legal team of partner Principal Consultants skilled in the practice of International Law, Business Law, Energy Law, Oil & Gas Law, Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Commercial Arbitration and Alternate Dispute.

We employ strategy and implementation consulting services dedicated to working collaboratively with global and local clients to deliver profitable growth. Through our pragmatic, data-driven approach—combined with vast industry and functional expertise—we help corporate leaders, governments, businesses and development agencies tackle urgent strategic issues and overcome obstacles.

Our team of lawyers, also render highly specialized services for clients in Energy, Environmental and International matters to foster relations between indigenous companies/ IOC’s in our regions of operation and their foreign partners or potential foreign partners


Primary Services Include:

  • Oil and Gas/Energy Solutions, Policy Analysis and Development
  • Legal and Commercial due diligence
  • Corporate/Commercial Evaluation/Review and Advisory
  • Perform studies in our areas of core competence to produce reports and information critical to making cost effective decisions
  • Technical/Professional Manpower supply, Staff/Human Resources development and training
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Project administration/Management
  • Contracts and Proposals
  • Legal Compliance, in order to fulfill the local content laws within the host country and foreign compliance laws for foreign companies
  • Ensure full compliance with the local and international laws of both the indigenous partner as well as the foreign partner (E.g. Nigerian Local Content Act & Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – FCPA)
  • Sensitize the parties of their rights, duties and expectations as partners (cultural and otherwise).
  • Solicit a good match for viable projects when foreign expertise is needed.
  • Solicit, aid and vet competent qualified indigenous contractors.
  • Legal and Commercial Due Diligence for our clients




Great Innovation, Performance, Results.

Westpaq is an integrated global management consulting company with comprehensive capabilities in Oil and Gas/Energy Consultancy, Engineering, Process Optimization, Project and Program Management, Information and Communications Technology, Strategy Development & Implementation and Organizational Change Management.

We offer consulting services to a range of clients including banks, public and private companies, investors, and governments worldwide.