Core Competencies

Corporate leaders choose Westpaq for our collaborative approach to problem solving and our deep commitment to client success. Our strategic, pragmatic approach—focused on implementation and always with the end goals in mind—delivers results. We continue to learn and innovate, and through our custom and primary service offerings, help our clients achieve operational and strategic excellence for breakthrough profit improvement and growth.


We provide comprehensive Geoscience and Geophysical consulting services. Our focus is on the petroleum industry, but we also serve environmental firms. Read More

Geomechanics Petrotechnical Services

Integrated geomechanics workflows, processes, and application that can enhance your operations and production. Read More

Drilling Services

We’ll work with you to deliver the wellbore in the sweet spot of the reservoir for decreased investment risk and maximized production. Read More

Process/Facilities Engineering & Integrated Project Management Services

Westpaq engineering consultants understand the priority of the process mission, and more importantly the process technology principles that drive design decisions. Read More


Information & Communication Technologies

Westpaq’s Information & Communication Technologies services provides global industry analysis, growth consulting (strategy consulting), market forecasts, and insights into emerging technologies. Read More

Management Consulting

Westpaq is a boutique strategy and implementation consulting firm dedicated to working collaboratively with global clients to deliver profitable growth. Read More

Great Innovation, Performance, Results.

Westpaq is an integrated global management consulting company with comprehensive capabilities in Oil and Gas/Energy Consultancy, Engineering, Process Optimization, Project and Program Management, Information and Communications Technology, Strategy Development & Implementation and Organizational Change Management.

We offer consulting services to a range of clients including banks, public and private companies, investors, and governments worldwide.