Business Management & Consulting

Westpaq is a boutique strategy and implementation consulting firm dedicated to working collaboratively with global clients to deliver profitable growth. Through our pragmatic, data-driven approach—combined with vast industry and functional expertise—we help corporate leaders tackle urgent strategic issues and overcome obstacles to:

  • Develop realistic, sustainable strategies that achieve high impact near and mid-term success
  • Optimize performance and maximize existing resources to generate Fuel For Growth
  • Achieve sustainable and measureable organizational and behavioral change

Primary Services

Corporate leaders choose Westpaq for our collaborative approach to problem solving and our deep commitment to client success. Our strategic, pragmatic approach—focused on implementation and always with the end goals in mind—delivers results. We continue to learn and innovate, and through our custom and primary service offerings, help our clients achieve operational and strategic excellence for breakthrough profit improvement and growth.

Achieving Near and Medium Term Profitable Growth – Our areas of expertise include:

  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
  • Pricing and Promotional Effectiveness
  • Cost Transformation
  • Generating Fuel for Growth

To help you generate the fuel you need, our cost transformation services include:

  • Total Business Diagnostics
  • Complexity Management
  • trategic Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Design and Management

Organizational Effectiveness

Working Better Together Across the Business Westpaq helps you design a business and organizational structure that best positions your business for profitable growth. Our seasoned consultants work with you to improve processes and reduce complexity, aligning your team around shared goals and business objectives. Once a foundation is in place, we can help you keep key projects on track to drive high-priority initiatives to successful completion.

Business Structure and Organizational Design. Ensures you have the right foundation in place—one that aligns with customer requirements and maximizes performance and cost efficiency-to deliver on your strategy.

Process Optimization. Streamlines and simplifies processes to reduce complexity that may be inhibiting organizational effectiveness.

Performance and Change Management. Fosters individual and organizational alignment to ensure everyone understands their role and works together to achieve business objectives.

Integrated Program Management. Elevates project management from a back-office skill set to a strategic competency. This helps ensure key initiatives deliver both in the near-term and in the years ahead.

Transaction Support

Bringing Insights to the Deal

The challenges and opportunities inherent in today’s fast-moving global economy are unprecedented. Westpaq partners with leading companies and private equity firms worldwide to help them evaluate, structure and execute successful ventures.

Our consultants are especially well-versed in understanding complex, competitive or game-changing investments. Pre-acquisition, we go beyond strategic and market due diligence to ensure clients fully understand their options before investing in a new opportunity, helping them to envision the end result. Post-acquisition, we support clients in post integration to help capture growth and cost synergies. In addition, we offer divestiture planning to ensure a smooth transition.

Our ability to bring insight and clarity into the deal delivers unprecedented competitive advantage to high-stakes merger and growth strategies.

Great Innovation, Performance, Results.

Westpaq is an integrated global management consulting company with comprehensive capabilities in Oil and Gas/Energy Consultancy, Engineering, Process Optimization, Project and Program Management, Information and Communications Technology, Strategy Development & Implementation and Organizational Change Management.

We offer consulting services to a range of clients including banks, public and private companies, investors, and governments worldwide.