Geomechanics Petrotechnical Services

Integrated geomechanics workflows, processes, and application that can enhance your operations and production. Our petrotechnical experts offers multidisciplinary collaboration consulting services, ready to help you improve operational integrity and make better-informed decisions for the life of your reservoir.

Anticipate drilling hazards earlier

With comprehensive monitoring and modeling software, available at basin, field, or well scales, our petrotechnical experts can help you anticipate and solve issues earlier. Avoid geohazards and determine safer operational windows with well-trajectory and mud-weight optimization pore-pressure analysis mud-shale interaction evaluation salt-creep modeling real-time drilling support.

Preserve wellbore stability and increase production

Integrated data from 3D surface seismic, well logging, core data, and well test data can be calibrated with time-lapse seismic, microseismic, subsidence measurements, and more. Aggregating as much data as possible helps you avoid unexpected kicks while preserving wellbore stability, helping to increase production and extend the life of your well.

Integrate data Comprehensive models, workflows, and processes seamlessly integrate and are constantly updated, refined, and calibrated in real time. The Petrel E&P software platform, which provides accurate fieldwide stress and strain predictions, can be coupled with ECLIPSE reservoir simulation software to obtain porosity, permeability, and fracture conductivity updates that improve reservoir production history matches.

Reservoir Geomechanics

Westpaq services optimize your results with detailed knowledge of your reservoir.

Drilling Geomechanics Production Geomechanics Reservoir Geomechanics

Standard—Geomechanics Field Operations Products
Real-time services (wellbore stability, drilling planning and management , pore pressure monitor, fracture gradient), rapid well-centric (wellbore stability and depth of damage) Sand management advisor, calibrated hydraulic fracture prediction, casing integrity

Intermediate—Geomechanics Planning and Design Services
Salt-creep analysis,
mud-shale interaction, wellbore stability (anisotropic) and planes of weakness, wellbore strengthening, pore pressure, fracture
gradient, shallow hazards
Fractured reservoir production, caprock integrity, casing integrity numerical analysis software, creep and compaction integrity, gas hydrate hazards Fault-seal analysis,
3D caprock, integrity, natural fracture, production analysis, reservoir compaction, subsidence (nucleus
of strain)

Advanced—Complex Geomechanics Studies
High-risk well planning, field development, drilling planning, uncertainty and probability modeling,
applied workflow training
Waste disposal, cuttings reinjection, sand rate predictor, heavy oil production, uncertainty and probability modeling, caprock integrity (well by well), hydraulic-fracture permeability prediction, applied workflow training Reservoir compaction and subsidence, field-performance modeling, injector performance planning, gas storage integrity, exploration geomechanics, uncertainty and probability modeling, CO2 sequestration, applied workflow training

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