We provide comprehensive Geoscience and Geophysical consulting services. Our focus is on the petroleum industry, but we also serve environmental firms. Our experience encompasses nearly all facets of Industry, from conventional thrust-belt plays to unconventional plays. We have worked in most formations internationally. Our experience spans detailed production-scale work to real-time geo-steering and play and prospect generation in both mature and frontier settings.


Exploration, Appraisal & Development

  • Integrated interpretation of seismic data, Geology/Geophysical and Reservoir/Production data for prospect generation, Reservoir Identification, Evaluation and Management 
  • High Quality 3D Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation, Facies Analysis, Seismic Attribute Analyses 
  • Integrated Petroleum System modeling by applying well Performance Evaluation to explain hydrocarbon occurences and likely reservoir compartmentments

Petroleum Geology

  • Basin scoping, evaluation, and play formulation
  • Lead and prospect evaluation
  • Subsurface mapping
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Well log correlation
  • Migration analysis
  • Basin analysis
  • Source rock thermal maturity evaluation

Structural Geology

  • Regional synthesis
  • Structure mapping
  • Kinematic and geometric analysis of map, well bore, and subsurface data (dipmeter, deviation survey, stereographic projection, SCAT)
  • Balanced cross section construction and restoration (Lithotect)
  • Fault seal analysis

Other Services

Custom Research

  • Literature research and review
  • Data (logs, wells, geology, etc) research

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Westpaq is an integrated global management consulting company with comprehensive capabilities in Oil and Gas/Energy Consultancy, Engineering, Process Optimization, Project and Program Management, Information and Communications Technology, Strategy Development & Implementation and Organizational Change Management.

We offer consulting services to a range of clients including banks, public and private companies, investors, and governments worldwide.