Change Management

Traditional change management has been around for decades, but is the same old approach really enough to make a difference? More than 70 percent of major change efforts typically fail. Westpaq’s approach to realizing results helps clients overcome the odds.

Our approach to Results Delivery focuses on predicting, measuring and managing risk associated with the change from day one. The result: A considerable increase in the odds of success and the support of Westpaq’s experts and dedicated partners within the client’s organization who are focused on achieving it.

Service Offerings

At Westpaq, we have an approach to change management — the people side of business transformation — that addresses change comprehensively. The key to our approach is balancing the formal and informal levers in a change program, addressing both the “boxes and lines” of the organizational structure and the “unwritten rules” of how decisions are made and how pride in the organization is instilled.

This “change” can be large-scale, such as the introduction of a new operating model or a significant culture change effort, or more contained, such as merging two departments. Whatever the magnitude, all change involves people adopting new mindsets, policies, practices, and behaviors

Global Solutions & Strategic Alliance

Westpaq is an integrated Energy and Technology Services Company focused on identifying and solving the energy industry's dynamic challenges. Westpaq offers a wide range of energy sector expertise gained through operational and management experience.

We provide top-class global Project Management Services, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) solutions. Westpaq´s business strategy/objectives apply cross-business capability integration, an application of innovative partnerships with the support of our parent group and its network of global partners.